SENYCon 2020 Presentation Application
The 5th Annual SENYCon is happening on Friday, April 3, 2020!
We are looking for presentations from our members, and encourage you to submit yours! Five years ago, we designed this event to be a supportive environment for members to share their work. It has become a forum for practicing future presentations, presenting ideas that we have developed into full-length workshops, presenting insights or sharing innovative workflows that don't fit in a typical conference format, and delivering encore performances of previously presented work.

If you have a unique idea, clever work-hack, best practice, or just want to practice your presentation skills, we invite you to submit your proposal now using the form below. Southeastern's Continuing Education Committee will review the proposals and decide which ones will be selected to be part of another diverse and engaging day.

The deadline for proposals is Monday, December 16, 2019.
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We will confirm receipt of your submission as soon as possible and confirm the slate of presenters in early 2020.
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