Workplace Violence Survey
Now more than ever workplace violence plagues healthcare workers in the United States. Our legislators need to know the dangers that we face daily in our facilities. Fill out the survey below to help support federal legislation that will curb violence in our workplaces and protect healthcare workers.

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If yes, did that incident(s) include any of the following? Check all that apply *
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Rank the factors you think contribute to the problem or threat of violence, or aggression in your work area. Response choice: '1' is the most frequent contributing factor and '5' is the least contributing factor *
Mental illness / Drugs and Alcohol ▪
Lack of Security and Equipment
Organizational design i.e., wait times, billing
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Do you support legislation that forces healthcare facilities to abide by staffing ratios?
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Do you believe that forming a healthcare workers' union would help curb violence at your workplace?
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In your opinion what would help curb workplace violence in healthcare?
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