Sunset Live 2019 Discount Ticket Application!
Kyushu’s most popular outdoor music festival, Sunset Live is a summer event you shouldn't miss - now celebrating its 27th year! What began as a party in the parking lot of Sunset Cafe has now become a huge festival enjoyed by over 15,000 people! Bands representing a wide range of genres perform across several stages, including some of Japan’s most popular acts. 40+ live bands over TWO DAYS on the beach: 9/7 (Sat.), 9/8 (Sun.)

Don't miss out! We are selling these discounted tickets on a "first paid, first served" basis.

*UPDATE: 9/8 (Sun.) tickets are SOLD OUT! Limited tickets left for 9/7 (Sat.) - hurry and buy!

計40組以上ものアーティストが海と山に囲まれたステージで観客と一体となる2日間!Fukuoka Now読者専用の特別価格のチケットは早い者勝ち!この機会をお見逃しなく。


チケット:各日お一人6,500円(Fukuoka Now読者専用特別価格)
* 必須事項

Save ¥1,000! 定価より1,000円お得!
Fukuoka Now has a limited number of specially priced tickets: ¥6,500 for one-day advance tickets! Save ¥1,000 on each ticket! (The regular advance ticket price is ¥7,500.) Supply is limited so book yours NOW!

First step: Fill out this form. After we confirm availability of your requested number of tickets, we will reply to you by email with payment and delivery details. We are selling these tickets on a "first paid, first served" basis.

フクオカ・ナウ読者限定のお得なチケットは、前売り一日券¥7,500→¥6,500。Fukuoka Now読者限定チケットは枚数限定なのでお早めに!

1. 以下のフォームに記入して「送信」
2. Fukuoka Nowでフォーム内容を確認後、フォームにてご登録済みのメールアドレス宛に、お支払い方法と配送方法の詳細を記したメールをお送りします。
3. お支払い完了後、ご指定の受け取り方法にてチケット受け取り。

First name / 姓 *
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Nationality / 国籍 *
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Email address / メールアドレス *
(Please note: If you are using a mobile phone email address, unblock the Fukuoka Now domain, / (携帯アドレスの場合、event-info@fukuoka-now.comからのメールが受信できるよう設定をしてください)
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How many tickets for 9/7 (Sat.) do you want? (¥6,500 per person, per day) / 2019年9月7日(土):ご希望のチケット数(お一人¥6,500/1日) *
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9/8 (Sun.) tickets are SOLD OUT! / 2019年9月8日(日)のチケットは売り切れとなりました。
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Payment method / お支払い方法 *
NOTE: after we receive your request we will confirm availability of tickets by email and provide details on how to make the payment. / いずれかを選択ください。
Getting your tickets / チケット受け取り方法 *
NOTE: Delivery by Yamato Takkyubin Compact is available for ¥600 per order. You can avoid the delivery charge by picking up the tickets at the Fukuoka Now office in Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka. / いずれかを選択ください。
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