CPG Incident Report Submission Form
Please fill in only one report for incident (per date/time/location). The results of this form are shared with Emma Irwin and Diversity & Inclusion Lead: Larissa Shapiro only.

After receiving a concise description of your situation, they will review and determine next steps. In addition to conducting any investigation, they can provide a range of resources, from a private consultation to other community resources. They will involve other colleagues, including legal counsel, only as needed to appropriately address each situation.

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This means that only Emma Irwin & Larissa Shapiro will know who reported, but that no one else looking at this case will (no staff, no core contributor) be given that information without your expressed permission.
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Please try to use language directly from the CPG, you will have a chance to add longer description in the next question.https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/about/governance/policies/participation/
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Is someone in danger, either immediate or likely in the next 24 hours?
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It's OK if you don't, but it helps. If you provide something like an IRC chat log, or bug comments, please circle the part of the text relevant the violation.
Can you please provide any additional information that can help us understand the violation?
Are there any other people involved in this violation? (witnesses/bystanders other?) If so please list their names, and involvement below
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