July 8th Beer Bust
HeyDenver is proudly pouring with the Wrangler! Join us on Sunday July 8th! We need volunteers to help us out with this event! This is a great opportunity volunteer with HeyDenver and meet some new friends! Anyone may participate at this event, and we need your friends to help too (hint!).

Wrangler Beer Bust is one of the most popular weekly events in Denver. HeyDenver staff, volunteers, and friends of HeyDenver will be the official pourers for this event, circulating with pitchers and refilling cups for attendees, socializing and creating a positive presence- and our participation in beer bust raises money for HeyDenver!

Time: 3PM-800PM Every person that will be pouring / filling pitchers must attend and pass the RESPONSIBLE SERVICE TRAINING course. This course is offered every at 3:15PM.
Volunteers should be available to work the entire time. Beer Bust ends at 8:00pm

Attire: Casual. Please wear your HeyDenver tee (if you have one) or wear a black tank top or tee shirt so we can attach a snazzy HeyDenver pin to you. Please wear comfortable shoes!

Location: The Wrangler is located at
3090 N Downing St, Denver, CO 80205 .

A bit about HeyDenver at Beer Bust:

The Wrangler staff has reminded us that people come to the beer bust to have a good time. While we encourage frank and open conversations around testing and sexual health, we are not confronting and or shaming patrons about their HIV or STI status or sexual behaviors.

HeyDenver is generally open 7 days a week for testing, including mornings, nights, and weekends. Due to some holidays and pride, we may be closed, so please recommend that those interested in testing call the number on the HeyDenver cards, or visit the website for hours.

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