Winter/Spring 2021 Online Class Registration Form for Books and Me Library
The enrichment classes and programs at Books and Me Library are only open to registered member families. You will need a valid Books and Me Library card number to register classes. If you don't have one yet or if you forgot your number please email to obtain your library card number before your proceed.

After you completed this registration form and submit, you will receive a PayPal invoice for the tuition. Your registration is completed AFTER you made the payment. Please note that the invoicing process is manual but we will try our best to finish the process in one business days. Therefore, please allow at least two days before the class starts for the entire registration/payment process. Thank you for your cooperation.
Full Name of Parent/Guardian: *
Phone Number: *
Parent Email address for contact: *
Last 4-digit of Books and Me Library Card Number: *
Full Name of Student: (please fill out one form per student) *
Current age of the student: *
Email address for PayPal Invoice if different from the parent contacting email above:
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