Poltair & Mount Charles Survey 2021
As you may know elections for Cornwall Council and St Austell Town Council are due to take place on May 6th 2021. The number of Cornwall Council members is being reduced from 123 to 87, hence the wards have been re-drawn and increased in size. Parts of Mount Charles will now be joining Poltair.

As part of my continuing effort to learn the local issues which are of most concern to you as a resident, I would much appreciate it if you could complete this short survey and click submit at the end.

Please be assured that, to protect your privacy, your reply and personal details will remain anonymous. They will not be shared with any third party, at any time.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Cllr Andrea Lanxon

Prospective Labour Candidate for Poltair & Mount Charles
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1. Cornwall Council should work with the Police to reduce anti-social behaviour in St Austell
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2. Cornwall Council should invest in town centres to aid post-Covid regeneration
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3. Public transport requires more investment to make it better and cheaper to use
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4. Cornwall Council should build more genuinely affordable housing for local people
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5. The “Eco-town” at West Carclaze will benefit St Austell
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6. Local Planning decisions should be made locally
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7. Collecting household waste just once a fortnight is a positive move
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8. Cornwall Council should make it easier for residents to walk and cycle more
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9. I would be happy to pay an additional 2% on my Council Tax to fund adult care
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10. Comments and any other local issues of concern to you.
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