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Project Executive / Coordinator
Key responsibilities

- Assist in client meeting for receiving project brief & technical requirements

- Understand the implementation details & schedule before project kickoff

- Assist in drafting functional specification in case of needed

- Regular meeting and communications with client to manage project schedule and change request

- Liaise externally with third party partners/vendors, and internally with engineers, designers or other colleagues to manage project on-time delivery and quality

- Assist in the Quality Assurance process


- Degree / Higher Diploma graduate, preferably in IT related disciplines

- Fluent in spoken and written English and Chinese

- Good communication and customer service skills

- Outgoing, well-organised and able to work independently

- Multi-tasking ability and ability to prioritize tasks for multiple projects

- Knowledge and hands-on experience in QA process such as drafting test plan or test automation will be a advantage

Web Frontend / Backend Developer
Key responsibilities

-Work closely with designers and other developers to create modern responsive websites and applications.

-Responsible for architectural design, development, integration, release for backend systems

-Keep up-to-date on the latest technology

-Work as a team to develop high quality products.


-Love programming. Enjoy sharing. Willing to take challenge.

-Enjoy working with talented teammates.

-Love to try latest technology

-Degree / Higher Diploma in Computing, Computer Science, Information Technology or related disciplines

-Familiar with latest web technologies, including HTML / Javascript / CSS / JQuery / AJAX and/or Python / JavaScript/PHP

-Any special skills or experience which can expand the skill set of our company is highly valued

-Passionate to work in Start-up environment and develop quality internet products

-Fresh Graduate would be considered. Candidates with four or more years of solid experience would be considered as Senior Developer

-Advantage to have experience on Google App Engine / Amazon Web Service / Facebook applications / MeteorJS / MV* frameworks such as AngularJS, Backbone, ReactJS

Mobile Applications Developer (iOS/Android )
Key responsibilities

-Develop iOS and/or Android Applications

-Responsible for mobile application development, enhancement and maintenance

-Keep up-to-date on the latest iOS and/or Android related technology and technique

-Liaise with backend engineers, designers, project manager and other internal colleagues


-Love Programming. Enjoy Programming. Willing to take challenge.

-Enjoy working with talented teammates.

-Love to develop high quality mobile applications.

-Degree / Higher Diploma in Computing, Computer Science, Information Technology or related disciplines

-Proficiency in Swift/Objective C and/or Java-Android SDK programming

-Fresh graduates will be considered.

-Candidates with 4 or more mobile applications development experience can be considered as Senior Developer

Research & Development Engineer (e-commerce)
Tixit is an multi-purpose ticketing engine that provides the functionality to solve different e-commerce business use cases like selling event tickets, queueing and booking on the public cloud serving the a massive general public robustly. The position is for R&D, so the candidate should be tech-savy and at the same time academic enough to digest new papers in the technology field.

Key responsibilities

-Develop technical roadmap to improve the speed of the ticketing engine

-Improve the number of simultaneous sessions the ticketing engine can handle

-Adapting latest technology to enhance the security of e-tickets transfer and purchase

-Write autonomous test programs to do health check and load test to the system

-Study the possibility of integrating the system with latest payment method, like Bitcoin, WeChat pay, Alipay, Octopus etc

-Research on technology to improve check-in speed on show, e.g. sound wave check-in, bluetooth detecting etc.

-Analyze data on ticketing purchase behaviour

-Provide data for the UX/UI design to improve usability of the system

-Improve the reusability of the engine to serve different industries, for example, tickets for cinemas, parking lots

IOS/Android/Web Developer 1-year intern (R201704_IOSI, R201704_AI, R201704_WI)
Please refer to Web/Backend Developer & Mobile Developer job description
IOS/Android/Web Developer Summer intern (R201704_IOSSI, R201704_ASI, R201704_WSI)
Please refer to Web/Backend Developer & Mobile Developer job description
* At least 2 months commitment is required for Summer Intern
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