Applied Rationality Workshop
NOTE: signup has been extended till 2019-10-08 12:00 CET

with Anne Wissemann and Alexander Popiak
from Friday, 2019-11-01 to Sunday, 2019-11-03
in Münster, NRW, Germany
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With the confirmations we will send out some todos for all participants to prepare – for example making lists, brainstorming and the like. It will allow all of us to get more useful input during the workshop and not spend valuable time with stuff we could do beforehand.
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Anne would like to personalize her workshop as much as possible to the participants. What strategies / topics are you most curious about? Besides writing down what is on top of your mind: You might search for CFAR techniques (e.g. You should also read Anne's document she prepared for the workshop:
Finally, some things we would like you to do: I pledge to try to …
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We are planning a self sufficient workshop, covering expenses like breakfast and lunch during the workshop as well as and travel costs for one of the speakers and dinner for both. Nevertheless we do offer discounts for anyone who is not able to afford this price. So please simply write an email to and we will sort things out :)
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