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Get involved! Please nominate yourself or another member for open board positions for 2021.

If a nominee is not a current member, they will be given the chance to register and be included on the ballot!
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The President
- Preside over all meetings of the Society, as well as meetings of the Board of Directors,
- Appoint, in consultation with the Board of Directors, those committees herein named and such other committees as needed to serve the purposes of the Society,
- Appoint, in consultation with the Board of Directors, individuals to fulfill the term of office for vacated Board positions,
- Assume primary responsibility and oversight for the planning, or delegation of the planning, of all Society activities, including issuing invitations and confirming presenters, providing details in a timely manner to the Secretary to disseminate to members and general mailing list, and securing a meeting location,
- Provide oversight and support to Treasurer in the management of the Society’s finances,
- Provide support and oversight for the Society’s committees.
- The office of President may be held by one individual or shared by two co-presidents.

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The President-Elect
- In the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President,
- Perform the duties assigned by the President,
- Facilitate the election of new Directors each December, including actively soliciting  nominations for Directors and committee chairs throughout the year,
- Plan, in consultation with the Board of Directors, special meetings of the Society, including inviting and securing presenters, providing details to the Secretary in a timely manner to disseminate to members, and securing a meeting location.
- In the event that the office of the President is vacated prior to the end of the election year, the President-Elect shall become the President.
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The Recorder
- Keep minutes of Board meetings and disseminate copies to the Board Directors in a timely manner.
- Maintain the Society archive of meeting minutes to facilitate ongoing productivity and  efficiency of the Board.
- Submit the Society archive of meeting minutes to all members of the Board at the request of the Board
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The Secretary
- Maintain and update mailing lists
- Prepare all documents and forms needed for regular and special meetings (e.g copies of presenter handouts, speaker evaluations, CEU certificates, sign in sheets).
- Oversee the check-in table at in-person Society events and create an attendee list for all online events.
- Communicate updates regarding new members to the Membership Committee
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The Treasurer (Position Filled)- Mary O’Connor
- Maintain and update the list of active, paid members.
- Communicate updates regarding new members to the Secretary at least 24 hours prior to each Board meeting.
- Collect and deposit the dues and fees paid by members and for any special events hosted by the Society.
- Keep a record of the accounts, expenses, and disbursements of the Society.
- Regularly report to the membership regarding the financial holdings and activities of the Society.
- Prepare, or oversee the preparation of, any financial reports required for tax purposes.
- Submit any requisite CEU Provider Renewal Applications.
The Event Coordinator
- Generate Invitations/e-vites for Society events
- Post Society events on Society social media sites
- Organize and confirm RSVPs for Society events and send information to the secretary in order to create Sign In Sheets.
- The Event Coordinator and WebMaster may work together to disseminate pertinent information to members and the community via the Society blog and social media sites.
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The Web Master
- Promote Society and its members through the Society’s website and online activities.
- Ensure that the Society’s website is maintained and updated.
- Ensure that necessary payments are made to maintain an active, professional, and  functional website.
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The Member-At-Large
- Only be added to a standing board if all other elected positions are filled.
- Not have any standing board duties, but will have voting rights on the board.
- Complete all duties as assigned by the board of directors elected officers and documented in the minutes.

*This board position will not be included on the ballot if any board position above lacks a candidate.*
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Student Representative to the Board
*Nominees must be registered as a full time student at an accredited university for the 2020-2021 academic year.

- Attend all meetings of the Student Council
- Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors in order to represent the Student Council and vote on their behalf.
- Submit a report of all actions and resolutions of the Student Council to the Board of Directors to be included in the Minutes and present said actions and resolutions to the Board of Directors for final Board approval.
- Work with the Student Council and the Treasurer of the Board of Directors to accurately track and report all Board approved expenditures by the Student Council in any Student-led event or action.
- Complete other duties as required to facilitate communication and good will between the Board of Directors and the Student Council.
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