Please read this form carefully - it has lawful implications! Once you understand and agree with the terms of the liability and photo and video release waiver, type your name at the bottom, in the field provided. By submitting your typed name you agree to be legally bound by the terms of the contract. The information collected in this form is considered private and confidential and will only be used to contact you regarding the course you've registered for.
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THE WAIVER Please consult a physician prior to beginning any exercise or nutritional program. If you choose not to obtain the consultation, advice and consent of your physician while using any information provided by Andrea Kruger (herein referred to as Fit for Adventure), you are agreeing to accept full responsibility for your actions.
Fit for Adventure operates within the Professional Scope of Practice of a Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C) and CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer and is not a licensed physician or nutritionist. Services and information provided are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use of the nutritional and/or exercise information provided by Fit for Adventure is at the sole choice and risk of the client.

Any person under the age of 18 years old requires the written consent of a parent or guardian prior to working with any Fit for Adventure employees or agents.

You (the Client/Guardian of the client), are aware that there are risks associated with participating in fitness activities and exercise. Your participation is completely voluntary, and you freely accept and fully assume all responsibility for all risks, and all possibilities of personal injury, death, property damage or loss to yourself or any other person as a result of your participation in fitness activities. You and your heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and assigns agree. Check the boxes to agree:
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Please list the following information pertaining to any and all injuries that currently affect your quality of life. A) Body part affected B) Limitations of range of motion C) What makes it worse D) What makes it feel better E) How long has it been bothering you? F) Have you had or are you currently receiving treatment of any kind for said injuries? G) Have you had any recent surgeries?
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Every person must read, understand and sign this waiver before participating in programs or activities with Fit for Adventure, Certified Athletic Therapist, CSEP - CPT. Your signature (typed name) confirms your understanding and cooperation in maintaining both your safety and health.*
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