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Business Analysis Questionnaire.

Hellloooo folks!

You are here because you just read the Dental Case Study and want to see if we are the right fit for one another.

As mentioned, we are only working with 1 dental office per region (state, province, country in some cases) so we need to be sure to pick the right dental clinic.

Our strategy involves a 4-step process that allows us to create beautiful and personalized campaigns for your business...

1. Analyze - Please fill out the questionnaire below. While you are doing this I will be running a comprehensive competitor analysis to find out what is currently working to get Dentists like You, more clients.

2. Strategize - Once you complete this Questionnaire, You and I will schedule a call to go over all this information & design your unique strategy. At this point we will decide if you would like to utilize my services - if so we move on to step 3!

3. Implement - After our call, I will build out the Advertisements, Sales Funnels and link any software that will help us to track and ‘retarget’ anyone who interacts with our advertisements OR your business! (Don’t Worry - Step 3 is When I take over!)

4. OPTIMIZE! (This is what really sets My business apart!) - In order to consistently generate the highest quality leads for the lowest cost we need to SPLIT-TEST EVERYTHING. This means I will be finding out Who responds best to your ads and how well they respond to the words on our landing page or the images we use. Then we duplicate those results and start testing to see if their is any even better option still!

Let's ANALYZE Your Business:

What kinds of marketing have you tried in the past? How did that go? *
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How much did you spend? How much did you make in return? *
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How do you currently bring in new business? *
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How much revenue does a new patient bring in? *
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What is the average Lifetime Value of a patient? *
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What is your monthly marketing budget? *
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Do you have any competitors who are doing online marketing well? *
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How much does it currently cost to acquire a new customer?
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Do you have a process, system or strategy to get new patients? *
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How comfortable are you with your current marketing? *
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