Candidate Evaluation Form
Thank you for volunteering your time to help IWU students build their interview skills! Please provide additional feedback to each student through this candidate evaluation form which was adapted from SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management).
Interviewer Name *
Candidate Name *
Qualifications/Resume *
Does the candidate have suitable education/training, past work experiences, and technical skills? Were those qualifications indicated in an appropriate manner on the candidate's resume?
Comments on Qualifications/Resume *
Knowledge of Company (if applicable)
Did the candidate show evidence of having researched the company prior to the interview?
Clear selection
Comments on Knowledge of Company (if applicable)
Verbal Communication *
Did the candidate demonstrate effective communication skills during the interview?
Comments on Verbal Communication *
Enthusiasm/Motivation/Initiative *
Did the candidate demonstrate a high degree of enthusiasm, self-motivation, and initiative?
Comments on Enthusiasm/Motivation/Initiative *
Teambuilding/Interpersonal Skills *
Did the candidate demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively through good teambuilding/interpersonal skills?
Comments on Teambuilding/Interpersonal Skills *
Time Management *
Did the candidate demonstrate strong time management skills, such as the ability to plan, organize, manage, and adapt?
Comments on Time Management *
Overall Impression and Recommendation *
Final comments and recommendations for proceeding with the candidate.
Comments on Overall Impression and Recommendation *
Please acknowledge personal appearance, level of confidence, and overall professionalism.
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