Travel Award Application Form for ICBO 2016, August 1-4, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Researchers are highly encouraged to apply for the travel grants. Depending on the availability of funds, we may award limited number of ICBO 2018 travel fellowships to students, postdocs and early career faculty (within the first 3 years of their appointment) from academia.

As part of the application process, we are also collecting demographic information that would be taken into account when considering your travel fellowship application. If we receive funding from US government agencies, travel fellowships will be given on preference to those self identifying as US minority, under represented and women from the STEM field. You have to be a US citizen or permanent resident to receive funds provided by the US government agencies. The collected personal and demographic information will be kept confidential and will not be distributed in public domain. Me may have to share this information with US government funding agency, in case we receive their funding and we provide financial support for your participation.

All those receiving the funds will be required to present their work in the form or a talk or poster. Therefore please submit your work by visiting the ICBO 2016 EasyChair (

In order to keep the costs low, if the travel funds include lodging and travel you should agree to the following. More details will follow in the travel award document.
(1) Lodging: You will be required to stay in the OSU housing
(2) Travel: You will be required to buy economy fare (by a US carrier if travel is by Air).

Note: All the above are subject to change with no prior notice. ICBO 2016 awards committee will review and make recommendations for awards.

Did you submit the Abstract on 2016 EasyChair *
If you are applying for funding, you must submit at least an extended poster abstract. See details at and submit your abstract at ICBO 2016 EasyChair portal ( You will not be able to submit this form without Abstract submission.
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