DK30 Game Jam Fall 2022
As part of our DK30 this fall we're helping to connect artists, designers, and developers to create simple games as their 30 day projects. If you're interested in being a part of one of these teams and contributing to a simple game please fill out this form!

We'll get back to you via Discord with a team placement and submission details shortly before DK30 Fall 2022 kicks off on October 19th!

Please also register your project at to organize your work, share progress and be tagged in Discord as a participant!
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Optional Theme: Rise of the Machines!
This game jam's theme is all about exploring the various ways that artificial intelligence is increasingly important in game development. Submissions must somehow use artificial intelligence, or feature AI in the characters or theme. 

- Use Midjourney or Stable Diffusion to generate art for your card or board game

- Use procedural generation, behavior trees, or genetic algorithms 

- Create large simulations involving entities with simple AI behaviors that might even result in emergent complexity - Create a game about intelligent robot(s) 

- If you're feeling adventurous you can even look into machine learning. Please note this is extremely challenging and we recommend that you keep expectations very low if you go this route. For example using Unity's ML Agents and basing something off of one of their examples (e.g. using the crawler, walker, and worm demos to teach your own creature creation how to walk)
About DK30
Have you ever told yourself “I’ll do it someday” and later realized that someday may never come unless you make that day today? Want to clean out your garage? Get in shape? Learn a new skill? Write a story?

DayKnight 30 day projects provide a place to commit to a personal project and share your goals, progress, and delays with a supportive community.
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