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Thank you so much for taking the time to browse the DemCast proposal and respond to a few questions here. These prompts will ask you about your opinion on the model, about its viability, and about how you might see yourself participating. All responses will be kept confidential. I do ask for a working email address so that I can respond back with questions and/or follow up, but this address will only be used by me to follow up on your responses and will be kept completely confidential.
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how helpful do you think DemCast would be for Democratic activists (and the party as a whole) in the run-up to 2020? *
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What aspects of the model appeal to you most?
What are some ways the model could be improved, or what specifically would you like to see included that was not mentioned in the proposal?
Volunteer Roles
Could you see yourself becoming a DemCast volunteer in any of these categories? (You can select more than one.) *
Would you be willing to be part of a design advisory team to provide feedback as the website & features are being put together in winter/spring 2019? (The goal is for DemCast to be a valuable resource for Democratic activists & candidates, so we want to build it based on your needs.) *
Financial Viability
I don't want this site/app to be covered in corporate pop-up ads. Nor do I want to have a single major donor who expects to exercise editorial control. This should be ours - it should belong to the grassroots. So ideally, the site's infrastructure costs could be supported through donations from users who see value in the resource. To be clear, though - this will not be a subscription site - all content will be available to the public.

Below, I ask you to indicate whether you could see yourself *realistically* contributing to DemCast's infrastructure, which would include: the build for the site & the app, domain costs, some technology and core (but minimal) staffing. There will be some up-front costs that require an initial infusion, and then pretty flat ongoing costs to keep the infrastructure intact. For reference: Washington Post is $15/month.

**Note: I ask for a *realistic* assessment because we need to understand if there is real appetite for this type of grassroots infrastructure. Thanks for your honesty. We're not asking for money now - this is just a survey for viability.**
How might you see yourself contributing to the site? *
If you indicated interest in being a Co-Founder, please indicate what you might be able to contribute (probably sometime in late winter 2019).
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If you are willing to potentially be a Sustainer, please indicate how much per month you would be willing to pledge ($10 is our goal).
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