PVCC 3D Print Submission
Submit your 3D print requests here. They will be sent to the lab technician.

Having issues with the form, or have a suggestion? Feel free to send feedback to fevenkitsune@gmail.com.

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To sort printed files into their intended recipients. Submissions must have full name!
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Due to Google Form restrictions, if you need to attach more than 10 files, please compress the files into a zip, or submit a second response. Please try to submit .stl files! .ipt files require extra steps to import into our printing software.
STL Units *
STL files do not transfer the exact scale of a given print. Please provide the units you exported with. If you are unsure, we can probably guess.
Class *
This will help me ensure your print gets to the right professor! Not printing for a class? Feel free to contact us using the email at the top of the form. Personal prints require approval.
Other Notes
Add extra notes here such as "print twice", "print solid", or "print with fine layers". Please also note any extreme conditions your print may be exposed to, such as the inside of a car! This will allow us to determine the optimal material to use.
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