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I joined EXP when i was fed up with paying high commission splits to my broker. I needed to keep more of the money I generated as well as find other streams of revenue. I also was looking for a company who could follow the tech growth and offered tech options no one else did! The exp virtual world is like nothing I have seen before, it makes getting questions answered a snap and also allows for easy learning. By joining with me you arent only joining me but also joining one of the top agents in the nation! #teamgogo! Her and her team are amazing! GOGO is know for her savvy social media skills. By joining with me you will gain access to team gogos bootcamp. a series of videos that walk you step by step to growing your social media and your business!
Brent Gove's Introduction to eXp Realty
This video explains the EXP REALTY model one slide show at a time. Watch it.
Passive Income explained
I have never seen revenue share, retirement plan explained better.
"WHY" eXp?
Brent Gove is so lovable. He can explain one of the biggest decisions (why you should switch to Exp Realty) like it’s a no brainer.
This is "WHY" Gogo switched to EXP REALTY
And there is me… I created this video so I don’t have to repeat MY STORY 1M times over and over again. Watch it before our call, so on our call you can ask very specific questions that apply to you and your business.
Gogo & Mark Z's eXp Presentation
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