Order form 'social dance buttons'
Use this form to place your order for the buttons. Note: Since equal pay is not a thing yet, there's a discount option for those who can't afford more. Please let me know in the comments if you want to make use of it.

Single button: €1,50 (discount price 1,-)
Any four: €5,- (discount price 3,50)
Set of all eight: €8,- (discount price 6,50)

shipping costs NL: €0,90 (up till four) / €1,75 (up till twelve)
shipping costs international: €1,50 (up till four) / €2,80 (up till twelve)

If you chose to receive the order by mail, please transfer the right amount (+shipping costs) to NL03 INGB 0000 0911 46 - M J de Goede, and you'll receive it within a few days!

If you want to receive them in another way, I'll contact you to find the best way!

[Personal details will only be used for correspondence about this specific order, and will not be distributed]

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example: yellow (2), teal (1), purple (1), plum (2)
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