Children of Malawi 2016 Barefoot Mont Ventoux Marathon | Raised already: 2473 euro. Goal: As much as...
By Iwanjka,

--- OBJECTIVE: Malawi Orphans ---
1.5 million, 10 percent of the population is orphan in Malawi ...

I run barefoot benefit marathons now for a few years (2010 - Eindhoven, 2011 - Amsterdam, 2012 - Amersfoort). I did this partly to draw attention to 'transition' to a more beautiful world, at the other hand to generate money for the Children of Malawi. "The number of orphans in Malawi get estimated at about 1.3 million out of a population of 13.6 million inhabitants." The primary reason: HIV / AIDS. Can you imagine: 1.5 million orphans in the Netherlands ???

I was born in Malawi (Blantyre) ... and am lucky that ...

Earlier barefoot marathons --- ---
In 2011, collected in this way in 1350 euros, destined for Warchild and SOS Children's Villages. My purpose this match this amount at least. And this time I want to run a marathon outside of the Netherlands, and decided to include a high mountain in it: the Mont Ventoux, France.

Intended direction: 'Rainbow villages': 'togetherhoods' which feel up-scalable in a fast way (Senegal is developing 14.000 ecovillages, so why could Malawi not do the same?). Please read this page:

---- Refugee Problems
And, o yes, these places might form a "solution" for the migration and refugee problems: which African would now live in cold Europe, if he can live somewhere in Africa in peace and prosperity?

--- Utilization of money ---

The first 3500 euros is divided over the following projects:
1. - A children's village in Malawi.
2. - A children's village in Malawi.
3. - 100 children daytime education and shelter - "children's day" in Malawi.
4. - An organization that focuses on education in Malawi.
5. - Perma culture / food project. Kenya (intra-Africa knowledge development)
... the intention going along with the donation is that the money is used for doing a more-years during permaculture pilot/experiment. 'Make it real'...

If there raised more than 3500 euros, than I consider to do one or more of the following:
* Create a foundation 'Children of Malawi' ('stichting in dutch') in which we can house these kind of fund raising actions.
* Buy a ticket and go one month myself to Malawi for dedicating my talents (I am a graduated information engineer, for example).
* Buy some lands locally which will be owned by a foundation and can be use for the development of 'rainbow villages'

After 3 'flat' marathons, it felt time for a mountain. My eye got set on the Mont Ventoux ' cases. The distance from Bedoin to the top is just about 21km ... you guessed it: I'm running up and down. That makes 42km and 1622 of altitude. It is my planning to do this in October 2016. Info Route:

--- My question to you ---
I ask you to contribute a some money per kilometer I run. You donate for example, 10 cents per km, then you will transfer up to 4.22 euros. At 1 euro per kilometer you transfer up to 42.2 euros, etc. I don't guarantee that I'll make it up and down, but I'll do my best!

Of course, companies can also sponsor.

If you want to make a donation anyways, you can do so at: IBAN - bank account: 'NL09RABO0149987986', account holders name "I.Geerdink, place 'Nijkerk, mentioning 'Children of Malawi'.


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Questions, suggestions:
(Anyone who wants to help, welcome Filming, PR team, massage; -) ...).

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Note: If there is retrieved more than 5,000 euros, it will be distributed among the organizations mentioned in this form.

For an impression of the Amsterdam marathon, "Avatar style 'in October 2011:
(At the start it was zero degrees in the Olympic stadium, I do not again ... auch feet)

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