HSD Bus Request Form
1. School secretaries and/or teachers should submit this form and a copy of the approved Field Trip Request Form to the Athletic office to ascertain the availability of a bus on the necessary date.
2. Provide written directions to your destination
3. You will receive a copy of this form either approving or denying your request within 72 hours. An invoice will be forwarded to your school.
4. Make payment arrangements prior to your departure date.
5. Tolls and parking are included in the cost of the trip
6. Buses must be returned clean. This is the responsibility of the staff member who has secured the bus.
7. Should your trip be canceled,, notify the Athletic Office immediately, 429-360, x1107
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Trip Information
Departure Date from School *
Return Date to School *
Return Pickup/Departure Time *
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Destination *
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Number of Buses Needed *
Is Wheelchair Access Needed? *
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