Females are Fabulous TV Show Interview
CONGRATULATIONS! You are on Step two of the process for the TV interview. This show allows ORDINARY women who are living EXTRAORDINARY lives to support women, children, and their community!
Essence of a Lady, Inc recognizes women who are philanthropists, giving their time, talent, and treasure(monetary resources) to help EDUCATE, MENTOR, and EMPOWER girls and indirectly empower each other by building a network of support. We call these women FABULOUS Females! In celebration of 30 years (May 2019), we are spotlighting 30 women from October 2019 to June 2020.
10 women will be spotlighted during a 3-month period, October to December 2019. Each woman with receive benefits designated on the Females are FABULOUS RATE CARD.
As a selected FABULOUS Female, who have shown relentless courage, tenacity, and strength to build your business and support your community, you will have an exclusive opportunity to expand your network through collaborations with other women in this exclusive network of philanthropists called the Essence Ladies (E'Ladies) Network.
When you chose to become part of this exclusive network, your contribution of making a SOCIAL IMPACT to support women and girls, you opened up an opportunity for exclusive branding through our marketing and promotion through our Females are FABULOUS TV Show, magazine, social media, and website.
Additionally, you may receive other branding opportunities, such as a other perks include Facebook LIVE promos, YouTube features, Speaking/Emceeing, Featured Business, and possible book collaboration opportunities!!
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Females are FABULOUS is a movement to give women a platform to share their FABULOUSNESS with the world... ordinary women, extraordinary stories of trials, tribulations, and triumphs...in the community, in business, through their faith, what makes you fabulous? *
In 50 words or less, please share how you have persevered in business and philanthropy.
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Females are FABULOUS TV Show is looking for 10 women to be featured for the months of October to December. There are only 2 rates for the Exclusive and Elite Women. Select your package. *
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