Mutual Aid Windsor - COVID-19 Pandemic
This initiative is run by the Windsor Industrial Workers of the World—a solidarity union made up of working people in the community. We have a long history of mutual aid and labour organizing around the world.

Some notes about your information and the process: The results of this form can only be seen by a few members of our branch who have been appointed coordinators of the initiative. Those members will assess the needs of people requesting services and contact a volunteer to help.  At first, the volunteer will only be given the area and the tasks requested. Once they agree to help, the coordinator will contact the person in need and make sure they consent to additional information being given to that volunteer. Only at that point will a phone number or e-mail be shared with a volunteer. The volunteer will reach out and ask for the details of the task at hand and a street address if needed.

If a person in need requires additional help on a different day, they can either contact the volunteer who has already worked with them or the coordinator to re-start the process.

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints, please direct them to the Windsor IWW by e-mailing our secretary-treasurer at

Please be aware this system is new to all of us, and adjustments will be made along the way to ensure more efficient, better coordinated mutual aid.

Additionally, given that we are community members, we are unable to pay for groceries or other items at this time.

**NOTE: This initiative cannot respond to emergency situations. If you have an emergency, please call 911.
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