CPRE Shropshire Membership Survey
Your membership, your survey - We would love to hear from you!

CPRE Shropshire is developing its new Strategic Plan which will help drive our future success as a charity and we need your views to help us on this journey.

Your responses are anonymous and none of your personal data is being collected.
How long have you been a member of CPRE?
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Why did you join CPRE?
What is your involvement with CPRE? (Multiple choice)
Do you feel that you get enough out of your membership?
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If no, can you tell us why you feel this way?
How can we connect with our members more?
CPRE nationally has identified declining membership and income and made some changes to "revive" the organisation such as the new branding and volunteer development teams. Do you support these changes?
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Do you feel that your Shropshire branch of CPRE support its members in fighting for better, more sustainable and suitable planning in the county?
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If no, why do you feel this way?
How do you feel about the way CPRE Shropshire puts its message out in newspapers, events, social media etc?
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What campaigns would you like to see CPRE Shropshire put more focus on? (Multiple choice)
CPRE Shropshire is working hard to increase its volunteer capacity in a variety of roles. Would you be willing to volunteer in some way for the Shropshire branch? (don't answer if you already do)
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If you were willing to volunteer, how would you like to help?
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What kind of fundraising would you support? (Multiple choice)
Do you ever call on CPRE Shropshire for planning support?
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If yes, have you been happy with this support?
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Is there any area of planning you think we should be offering more advice on?
If we held planning training sessions would you be interested in attending?
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Is there anything else you think CPRE Shropshire should know about?
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