Virtually Limitless STRONGER TOGETHER DAILY Check-In
Stronger Together Mindset and Consciousness Challenge.

We don't get stronger, healthier over night. We get stronger/healthier when when we make small, consistent changes.

Remember what healthy habit(s) you are focusing on this week? Complete this form at the end of the day to see how you did or when you've accomplished your goal.

Don't forget to post your encouragement photos, and tag us in your stories or posts. @gringadelmundo @estennes #strongertogetherchallenge #VLFitFam
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What Healthier Habit (s) are you focusing on this week: *
What actions are you taking/did you take to accomplish these goals?
Let's Track Our Progress!
1. Did you start and end today day with a tongue cleanse: metal spoon (or tongue cleaner) *
2. Did you start today day with a glass of room temperature water with juice from one lemon. *
3. Are you exploring intermittent fasting? If so, you can try 12 Chorella pills during the morning. If you'd like more information about Chorella pills, talk to Kristi. *
4. Did you eat something Green today. (Darker the better + (2 Point/serving , 4 Points if Raw). Please enter the number of points earned today in number format below. *
5. Did you eat something Orange today (2 Points/serving , 4 Points if Raw). Please enter the number of points earned today in number format below. *
6. Did you drink 2L of water throughout the entire day. *
7. Did you eat less white processed foods: sugar, flour, salt.
8. Did you eat more raw food: fruits and vegetables.
9. Were you physical activity today? Points (30 min. minimum): 1 hour HIIT (3 points), 1 hour Aerobic (2 points), 30 min Stretching (2 points), 30 min Walk (2 points), Strength (2 points) *ensure your body is recovering properly by limiting your HIIT classes to 4 times/week (please check out the numerous alternative options we offer to keep you moving). *
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Total Points Earned Today
Class Completion Selfie: 5 points post w/ #strongertogetherchallenge #VLFitFam @gringadelmundo @estennes *
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10. Did you get more sleep. *
11. Did you stop eating two hours before bed
12. Did you stop using your cell phone 30 minutes before bed.
13. Did you floss your teeth?
14. Did you complete your personalized habit?
Write an accomplishment. Share something you are proud of from today. It can be related to your goals and habits or be completely different.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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