Kings Mountain Sports Pledge For Parents/Guardians & Grandparents
There are hundreds of children and teens who play sports across the Greater Kings Mountain Area. Let’s be parents, grandparents, and fans who set an example of honor and respect toward others. Join us in this movement of giving others the "benefit of the doubt" by reading and signing the commitment below.

As a KM Sports Fan and/or parent/guardian or grandparent of a child who plays sports, I will do my best to:

1. Honor and encourage coaches.
2. Be a humble servant to the team and as best I can, in my community.
3. Reinforce and demonstrate respect to my child in a firm and yet non-harsh way.
4. Value and respect coaches regardless of rather or not they disagree with me or if they make a decision I don’t like.
5. Give people the benefit of the doubt by avoiding slander and gossip at the expense of harming their character and reputation.
6. Show kindness to other parents regardless of the actions of their child on or off the field.
7. Maintain an overall positive attitude especially when observing from the sidelines, bleachers, or stands.
8. Deal with conflict with other parent(s) or coach(es) in a private and appropriate manner and not in public view.
9. Recognize that my child is not entitled to play every minute of every game OR have a role on the team if they are consistently disobedient and/or disrespectful.
10. Recognize that sports aren’t everything and that my child will have bad days and experience loss and defeat.
11. Recognize that organized sports are a privilege and not available or accessible to millions of people across the world.
12. Repeat #1.
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