Confirmation 2 Retreat Questions
Student Full Name *
Do you really believe that God made you for a purpose? What could that look like in your life? What stirs your heart? *
Has someone tried to prove to you that God doesn't exist? How did you react? *
What is a virtue (good moral habit) that you would like to build in your life? *
Who in your life sets a good example of how to love? How can you become more like them? *
Does it surprise you that the Catholic Church is so diverse? Have you been to a Catholic Church in another country or another part of our country? What was your experience? *
Sometimes God doesn't answer our prayers in the way we want Him to, but that doesn't mean He hasn't answered or that He won't answer. Have you ever had the experience of realizing God has answered your prayer in an unexpected way? *
Has the Gospel felt like a fairytale to you? People aren't willing to die for a fairytale. What makes the Gospel message different? What makes it worth dying for? *
Have you ever worked really hard for something and then once you finally achieved it you felt an emptiness inside? Or once the rush of Christmas has passed and suddenly you don't feel that joy anymore? Why could that be? *
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