New Gen Activism Fellowship 18/19
The New Gen Activism Fellowship is an exciting opportunity for young British Jews who are passionate about social justice, human rights, equality and pluralism and who care deeply about the State of Israel, to channel their deep commitment to Israel’s future and their passion for social justice into concrete activism, connecting the UK to grassroots groups in Israel.

New Gen (short for “New Generation”) is New Israel Fund’s international community of young adults and social activists in their twenties and thirties who are committed to this vision, and New Gen members in the UK are offered a variety of ways to learn, connect and act through our menu of educational, social and philanthropic activities.

The New Gen Activism Fellowship will offer exceptional young leaders a unique immersion into issues in Israeli society, opportunities to forge connections with Israeli activists leading positive change, and the skills and platforms to lead initiatives to support and advance this work. See below for more details.

About the form - you can edit your answers at the end, and if needed you can find a link to a word document version back on the fellowship page of the NIF website. Please be careful not to spend time completing the form only to lose your progress by closing your browser!

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Below is a list of requirements for participation in the Fellowship. Please read them carefully as they are all compulsory.
1. I agree to pay the sum of £500 upon acceptance to the fellowship, either through bank transfer or equivalent monthly direct debit.
2. I will represent the values of New Israel Fund UK with respect.
3. I will participate in the Study Tour to Israel From July 9 to 16 (subject to change) and understand that every aspect of the Tour is compulsory.
4. I agree to plan and run 4 events with my co-fellows for the UK New Gen community throughout the year.
5. I agree to 'speak out' at least 3 times on issues covered by the Fellowship through public speaking, leading educational activities or writing in the press.
6. I agree to participate in all the Fellowship events and programs (please refer back to the Fellowship page on our website for dates)
7. I agree to participate in a feedback report process three times during the year (at the end of the trip, after 6 months, and at the end)
I am prepared to fulfill all the obligations of the Fellowship: *
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