Purpose to Profit Client NOW Accelerator
Application to join the 12 week Purpose to Profit Client NOW Accelerator- There are only 12 spots available.
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What are the top three challenges in your business? *
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What is your current monthly revenue and what do you want it to be in the next 6 months? *
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My clients get results because they take massive action. They get out of their comfort zone and do the things that most are afraid to do. Are you open to getting out of your comfort zone so you can sign clients and meet your revenue goals? *
The investment for this program is $1897 which you can make back with one or two clients easily. Plus there are payment plan options available. Are you ready to invest if you get selected to join? *
The last thing- book a call on my scheduler here as a follow-up. https://calendly.com/oanike30/purpose-to-profit-client-now-accelerator
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