2020-21 RCAS Personal Transfer Request K-5
Personal Transfer Request Guidelines are as follows:
1. For request or the following school year, this completed form must be submitted no sooner than the first Monday in February for senior high students and no sooner than the second Monday of January for elementary and middle school students.
2. Parents are responsible for transportation.
3. Personal transfer students may be moved to another school at any time to make room for students who reside in that attendance area. Students enrolled through personal transfer will be moved to another school on a "last in, first out" order.
4. Once enrolled in a non-resident attendance center, the enrolled will continue unless a student is assigned to another school to accommodate the class size or a subsequent transfer application is approved. **If a change of residence occurs, a student that has been attending a school for at least 30 days may complete the school year at that school. If they wish to attend the following year, they must complete the personal transfer form according to #1 above.
5. It shall be the goal of the board to maintain a student enrollment not to exceed 25 students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade, 30 students in grades 4 through 5, and 30 students per core (Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Language Arts) in grades 6 through 8.
6. Senior high transfer students must meet the eligibility requirements of the South Dakota High School Activities Association to participate in competitions and contests.

*NOTE: Personal Transfer Requests for KINDERGARTEN students to go to Horace Mann, General Beadle, and Knollwood, parents must wait until the Monday after Labor Day to submit your Personal Transfer Request.
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Rapid City Area Schools District Policy JECC states that the board of education as the legal authority to determine which school a student will attend. The legal address will be determined by the residence of the student's parent(s) or legal guardian(s). A power of attorney is not sufficient to establish legal guardianship. Have you read and understand this statement? *
I certify by answering this question that the information provided is true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any omission of information, or misrepresentation discovered before or after the enrollment processor while the student is in attendance, shall result in the immediate revocation of that student's enrollment status in the school. I understand and affirm this statement. *
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