2017 Opening Statement Competition Registration Form
Thank you for registering for the 2017 Opening Statement Competition! Once you have registered, you will be assigned your side for the competition (prosecution or defense) in an email from the Trial Advocacy Board.

Please be sure you have read the Opening Statement Competition rules, and that you have downloaded a copy of the Fall 2017 Flory Trial case file (State v. Courtney Act).

If you have any questions, please email trialadvocacy@law.lsu.edu.

What is your name?
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*All* competition communications will be made via email to your @lsu.edu email address.
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Are you currently a 2L (Class of 2019) at the LSU Law Center?
The Opening Statement Competition is only open to current 2Ls.
Do you have any conflicts with the following dates and/or times?
If you have conflicts with the above dates/times, please describe them below.
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