Sav R. Miller's Street Team Form
As a member of Sav R. Miller's street team you will receive early copies of ALL of Sav R. Miller's books and you will be getting access to ALL the things. We will have a secret group for you lovelies. We will also do fun things like exclusive giveaways and such for Street Team members.

What does a street team member do?
You lovely people will be helping us pimp Sav's books (why is that the term.. I have no idea) which essentially is recommending it and posting the appropriate posts on your blog/bookstagram. We are just looking for people who love Sav R. Miller's books essentially.

Now on to the REQUIREMENTS of this thing.
1. We want to you to genuinely love Sav's books - there is nothing more we love than book recs from people who ACTUALLY love the book.
2. You have to be willing to recommend Sav's books and words.
3. Be decent to others? I mean like if someone isn't a Sav fan don't be rude or anything.
4. Follow the rules set up in the group - easy peasy.

You'll be getting access to Teasers & Book Covers first. You'll also get little snip-bits of what's goin' down first along with your early ecopies of the books
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Thank you!
Thank you for wanting to join Sav R. Miller's team! We only have a limited number of spots open. Once you are selected for the team Savannah Richey PA will be sending you a NDA form to fill out! Once that is done you will be added to the group and we can get started on this crazy ride together!
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