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The Bonfire Festival is a music and arts festival in St Stephen, NB to strengthen community and celebrate creativity.

In the spirit of community, we know that the heart and fuel of the festival comes from its volunteers. Those who dedicate their time and energy to making this the best that it can be! The Bonfire Festival Administration Team is so thankful for your interest in volunteering, and we want you to know that we're dedicated to ensuring that you create the best #BonfireMemories possible over the festival weekend!

Whether you're available for a single session only, or want to help out for the whole weekend, we're deeply appreciative of your desire to be a part of the team! Before filling out the form, there are just a few things to consider:

- All volunteers must attend our Bonfire Volunteer night on Wednesday, August 14th. We will notify you of time & place.

- We will gladly accept volunteers of all ages, however, there are certain events that do require volunteers to be 19+.

- If you are interested in also attending any ticketed events as a patron, we do require that you buy a ticket or pass for the event. Single day tickets will be refunded if you volunteer for a full shift on THAT day. Weekend passes will be refunded if you choose to volunteer for 3+ shifts, over the course of the 4 festival days.

- Please note that volunteer shifts can range from 3 - 6+ hours, depending on the time of day or shift.

Once you provide us with your contact information, a member of our Bonfire Festival Volunteer Committee will connect with you personally to schedule your shifts.

Thanks again for wanting to be one of our very best #BonfireBuds!

Cheers & see you soon,

The Bonfire Festival Administration Team

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