Organizing for New Movement Leaders - Fall 2020 Application
Organizing for New Movement Leaders is an online, 3-credit UMass Amherst course run through University Without Walls ( It is run by a diverse team of UACT alumni who now work in social movements, community organizing, education, youth development, healing, and the arts. In this course, new and emerging racial justice activists and organizers (you!) will build community, analyze local and national policy contexts, and connect with some of the foundational texts and movement leaders relevant to today’s racial justice struggles.

This unique course is open to people across the country who have been active on the frontlines of the struggle for racial justice.

Applications for Fall 2020 are accepted through Thursday, July 30, 2020.
** Applications are still open! Will close for real on August 5th! Get your application in SOON. **

We will let you know whether you're in by August 7th. Class starts August 27th!

Contact, and more course info:
Course Information (Please Read!)
Course details:
Organizing for New Movement Leaders - Fall 2020
3-credit University of Massachusetts, Amherst course
Taken through UMass University Without Walls, which is part of UMass Online
Course meetings: August 27 - November 19th (semester ends Dec 4th)
Course time: Thursdays, 5-7 pm EST (your timezone may vary!)
Open to: new front-line racial justice activists and organizers anywhere in the U.S.
Cost of Course: Approx. $1,250. (If financials pose a barrier please see scholarship application link below)
Application deadline: July 30 - great to apply early!

This course may be for you if...
- you are interested in community organizing, leadership development, building your capacity for the long struggle ahead
- you want to connect with movement organizers and racial justice leaders
- you have been doing activist work during the recent racial justice uprisings, and are seeking skills and support to deepen your work

This course connects students who are already engaged in social activism and community organizing to historical background, theoretical frameworks, and practical social change tools. As a student, you'll read texts, watch videos, and listen to podcasts. You'll also meet and get to know some amazing people through small facilitated sections, super-engaged learning formats, and workshops led by some of the major social movement leaders and practitioners working for racial justice today.

Admission requires that you complete this application. APPLICATIONS ARE DUE: JULY 30TH. (We will still accept applications until Aug 5th.) We will use this application to get a sense of why you are interested in taking this course and what experiences you have had and would be bringing into this collective virtual learning space. The structure of the course will consist of alternating workshops/lectures/teach-ins, and small group learning sessions to dive further into collective learning materials and discussion. Students enrolled in this course will be supported in small online groups facilitated by UACT Alumni.

Organizing for New Movement Leaders is designed and run by a team of alumni from UACT, the UMass Alliance for Community Transformation. UACT is a program of the UMass Amherst Department of Anthropology. You can find out about UACT and the team that runs this course at
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