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Hi there, thanks for coming by!

As a lot of us may know, mental health still holds a strong stigma in Indonesia, marginalising those affected from society and hindering them from getting the help they need.

SERIBU TUJUAN is a non-profit, mental-health oriented project. We believe that information/knowledge surrounding mental health in Indonesia should be readily available, easy to understand, and most importantly accessible to everyone in the country.

With that in mind, we have just completed STAGE 1 of our project by recently launching our website, which you can view at:

Alongside creating a website that is aimed to make it easier to find information surrounding mental health, we also plan to expand our approach towards our aim through different strategies. These different strategies would be approached in the second stage of SERIBU TUJUAN.

STAGE 2 of our project is centred around:
- Our blog
- Social media campaign
- Youtube Channel
And many more!

We are currently looking for anyone passionate about mental health and willing to volunteer their free time for this project!

We understand that you would have other obligations such as university or work and we would gladly work around your free time.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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