Parent Survey
Please answer the following questions by February 28th. Your responses will remain anonymous and are being collected for schoolwide improvement and evaluation. Thank you in advance for your reply!
1. As a parent/guardian I feel welcome at the school. *
2. I feel my student is safe at school. *
3. I understand the important role that I play in my student's education. *
4. Discovery Academy has high standards for my student's academic achievement. *
5. I feel Discovery Academy communicates effectively with my student. *
6. I feel the Discovery Academy staff communicates effectively with me. *
7. I feel the Discovery Academy staff does a good job of educating my student. *
8. I feel the Discovery Academy staff does a good job of preparing my student for college and/or career. *
9. I feel the Discovery Academy staff cares about my student. *
10. I feel my student's next level of education after high school will be... *
11. On a scale of 1 to 10 what is your satisfaction with Discovery Academy? 10 being the highest satisfaction. *
Not Satisfied
Extremely Satisfied
12. Any other comments regarding Discovery Academy and your student's education?
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13. Please provide any additional comments. Areas to consider: further explanation for questions answered neutral or disagree.
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