Corgibytes Code Whisperer Application & Screening Interview
Thanks for your interest in working with Corgibytes! We're a team of menders who love modernizing legacy applications. Our application process starts here and you'll notice it's a bit different, but then again, so are we.

First, is that we use this form as an asynchronous screening interview. As a remote team, quality written communication is really important for the work we do. Instead of asking candidates to just submit a resume and then use a tool that scans for keywords, we wanted people to have the time they need to think deeply about their answers. Asynchronous screening interviews also enable us to hide identifying information, such as gender and ethnicity, while we're evaluating the responses. That's not something you can do easily if you're doing a screening interview in person.

Next, we keep this application open so that people can take as much time as they need to fill it out. As a small consulting company, it's hard for us to predict the timing of our hiring. Sometimes we have lots of projects we need to staff up at once and other times we can go several months between needing to conduct interviews. We know that this lack of certainty can be really frustrating, especially if your job search is time-dependent. We'll do our best to be transparent about timing, but our general recommendation is that if you feel like our mission, vision, and values match what you're looking for, go ahead and take the time to fill out the application so you can be considered when projects come up. Many candidates tell us that just going through the application is a useful exercise that's helped them prepare for other interviews.

Questions? Our ears are perked up! Just reach out to

Thanks for taking the time to read about our process. We're looking forward to learning more about you.
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