Berkeley-Haas Case Series: New Case Application
Thank-you for your interest in the Berkeley-Haas Case Series (BHCS).  We are excited to be publishing the best cases on the most current topics in business.  

Following are requirements necessary to begin working on a case with a Berkeley Haas Case Writer.  Please read through this information BEFORE submitting your application:

1. The lead (first) author for all Berkeley-Haas Cases MUST be a Haas Faculty member.
2. All rights to the case must be signed over to The Regents of the University of California.
3. The lead author (on behalf of all co-authors) must sign an Open Access waiver.
4. A signed Company Consent form from the case subject company is required.
5. It's the authors responsibility to obtain copyright permission for all charts, graphs, figures, videos, etc. for inclusion in the case.
6. All cases must be accompanied by a teaching note for which the faculty must write a first, full draft.
7. If you're trying to time the completion of your case for a specific class or distribution date, following are critical deadlines to note.  

BHCS must receive the final draft of of your case & teaching note by:

- Full case packages submitted by February 1st will be made available online by April 1st.
- Full case packages submitted by May 1st will be made available online by July 1st.
- Full case packages submitted by August 1st will be made available online by October 1st.
- Full case packages submitted by October 1st* will be made available online by January 1st.

 *Note that this deadline is earlier than the other quarters due to the holidays.

PLEASE SUBMIT INFORMATION BELOW FOR ONLY ONE CASE.  If you don't hear back from us within one week, please send an email to <>
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Why is this an important case for Haas to develop/publish? *
In other words, what does it teach that other cases on this same topic don't?
Do you plan to have any multimedia ancillaries for this case? *
If so, a Haas Video Release form will be required from each participant.
By when must this case and teaching note be completed?
Leave blank if not needed by a specific date for a class or event.  Note that the average completion time for a case is 8 months.
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