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Create your community – become a “Weekly” community founder. As a founder, you learn how to create and lead a weekly group based on a community and interest of your own.

The mission of the Weekly is to teach, empower, and nurture leaders to create and strengthen their own Weekly community (we call it a ‘Weekly’). In a time of uncertainty and distance, like with the coronavirus, we believe that communities like these are not “nice-to-haves,” they are essential for the flourishing of people, ideas, and movements.

The Weekly is an initiative born out of the Franklin Fellowship Foundation, a 501(c)3 created by a Weekly group founded at Harvard College. The community is based upon Benjamin Franklin’s original “Junto,” a group that met weekly in the 18th century, and that helped establish the United States’ first library, fire department, and the University of Pennsylvania.

By founding a Weekly, you will learn how to build a weekly community as Benjamin Franklin did with his Junto. In particular, you will receive training on what the best communities do, guidance on the outline and structure of the “Weekly” communities, and direct mentorship with experienced leaders.

Membership in the Weekly Founders Program is determined through a selective application process. In particular, the Weekly looks for founders who show A) Commitment to forming a Weekly, B) Experience with community building and C) An existing group/area they would like to form a weekly group in. For this term, Weekly groups are expected to last eight weeks, but may continue on after the official term ends.

To make the Weekly sustainable we're asking for a $400 contribution prior to the first session. These funds go toward maintaining the Weekly's infrastructure as well as growth activities (the Weekly is a 501c(3) nonprofit). Financial aid is available, so please don't allow this to discourage you from applying. If your employer has a donation match program, discounts are available.

Applications are due October 1st.
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