Sonning Common - Emmer Green Cycleway Survey
Sonning Common Parish Council is promoting the idea of a safe cycleway between Sonning Common and Emmer Green. It would run parallel to but be separate from the B481 and be a "greenway" for shared use by cyclists, pedestrians and mobility scooter users. At Emmer Green the cycleway will eventually connect to a planned cycleway into Caversham and Reading. This survey is designed to gauge community interest in, and need for, such a cycleway. No personal data is collected when completing this survey.
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1) Which end of the proposed cycleway is nearest to your home?
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2) Do you travel between Sonning Common and Emmer Green/Caversham Reading?
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3) What is your most frequently used means of travelling this route?
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4) Do you have access to a bicycle or mobility scooter?
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5) Would you be more likely to cycle / walk /use a mobility scooter to travel between Sonning Common and Emmer Green/Caversham/Reading if there was a safe, mixed use cycleway close to, but separate from, the B481 main road?
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6) Would you support/welcome the development of a safe cycleway (with pedestrian and mobility scooter use) between Sonning Common and Emmer Green with the potential to reduce cycling along the B418? 
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7) We would welcome your comments here:
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