Beyond Skyrim: Argonia - Application Form
Thanks for your interest in joining Beyond Skyrim: Argonia! We're always on the lookout for talented, driven people across a wide variety of disciplines. Please fill in the short form below and we'll be in touch if you're accepted.

IMPORTANT: Applications without any work samples will be automatically rejected.

Please note that due to a high volume of applications, we are unable to respond individually to unsuccessful applications.
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Please tell us a bit more about your work and what you want to do on the project. *
What department(s) are you interested in? *
Please include a link to some samples of your existing work here. IMPORTANT: Only applications with valid work samples will be considered. Please do not put any links here other than valid work samples or your application will be automatically rejected. *
Where did you hear about Beyond Skyrim: Argonia *
Info for writing/quest design applications
Samples for writing applications should contain dialogue and/or quest(s) in this format:
Info for quest/content implementing applications
If you have published mod(s) featuring NPCs and quests with scripting, then we will happily take them as work samples. If not, please prepare a small mod with one or more short quests featuring as much of possible of the following:
- Dialogue with some branching
- A scene involving at least two NPCs
- A radiant location (dungeon or house) with something dynamically placed there (item to fetch and/or enemy to kill)
- Setting up one or more NPCs as regular inhabitants in their own house
- One or merchants with a custom inventory
- Something involving the story manager, such as a world encounter or random dialogue scene
- Sufficient examples of papyrus scripting beyond setting quest stages and using default scripts
- Your plugin manually cleaned with xEdit
Your mod can have subpar level design and/or writing and may be silly in nature as long as it fulfills the criteria. Please include any dialogueviews, scripts and script sources, and also a readme mentioning any technical requirements such as the version of Skyrim used, as well as where to go in-game to find the content. Screenshots and a description of the content are also appreciated.
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