P2 - Inglês - 12SA
Teacher Bruna Andujar
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Watch the video and answer the questions
According to the video, decide if the sentences are true or false. *
10 points
The man has various hobbies
He likes to collect stamps and cans
The woman collects beer
Her favorite books are about nature
The man also likes reading
Select the correct category for each activity. *
10 points
Prescribe medication
Write a test
Go Camping
Go window shopping
Go to a potluck
Read the text and answer the questions
What does an advertising agent do? What's his/her job? *
1 point
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Where does an advertising agent work? *
1 point
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Quais qualidades o profissional da área deve possuir? *
1 point
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What do the pictures represent? Check the correct answer.
2 points
Captionless Image
Relate the jobs and their duties *
5 points
Help people overcome their problems.
Cut people’s hair.
Help people speak better.
Fly planes.
Help people recover from surgery.
Speech Therapist
Leia o texto e responda as perguntas.
Americans get the least paid vacation time in the world, research of developed nations has reveled. While employees in other countries enjoy as many as 40 days off a year, USA workers are legally entitled to no paid vacation, although many get 10 days of national holidays, the studies found.
The results cover over sixty-four countries with the figures based on entitlements for employees with 10 years of servisse who work 5 days a week.
According to the data, the US is the only country out of all those featured that does not require employers to give their workers paid leave.
By comparison, Brazilians get 30 days paid vacation plus eleven national holidays, that makes the total of 41 days off each year.
Qual é o assunto do texto? *
1 point
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Como o Brasil é comparado aos Estados Unidos no texto? *
1 point
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Quantos países foram estudados nesta pequisa? *
2 points
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Quais tipos de trabalhadores foram levados em conta na pesquisa? *
1 point
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Quantos dias de folga o Brasileiro tem por ano? *
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No dia 27 de Março foram trabalhadas algumas profissões em sala de aula. Cite 5 delas em inglês sem repetir as que aparecem nesta avaliação. *
5 points
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Decida se as características listadas abaixo são positivas ou negativas *
10 points
Choose the correct MODAL VERB. *
10 points
Mary ________ work really hard if she wants to get good marks.
I believe children _________ stay with their mothers until the age of 3.
__________ I check my e-mail on your computer?
It is very late. You __________ phone your parents.
I’m not sure but I __________ call you later if I have some doubts.
Video Comprehension
Watch the scene from the TV SHOW: FRIENDS and answer the questions
How is Joey feeling? *
3 points
Why is he feeling this way? *
3 points
Joey ate all the... *
4 points
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