Magic Pills UK Screening Request/Agreement

This Licensing Agreement is made to grant the Licensee the unlimited license to present
Magic Pills (“the Film”) in public exhibitions in accordance with
the following terms and conditions.

1. RIGHTS AND PAYMENT. This is an agreement between Phosphorus Films and you. Once payment is made you agree to the terms of this single screening agreement of The Film "Magic Pills". The Licensor (Phosphorus Films) hereby grants to the Licensee, without warranty, a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to exhibit The Film "Magic Pills" to be directly sponsored, hosted, or presented under the auspices of the Licensee, subject to the terms and conditions specified herein, as follows.

2. DEFINITION OF PUBLIC EXHIBITION. The public exhibition of the Film shall be
defined as any display, performance, viewing, screening, or playback of the Film of the
exact DVD(s), digital tape(s), or other medium of the Film delivered to the Licensee by
the Licensor and occurring at any place open to the public or in any space where a
substantial number of persons outside is gathered. Public exhibition does not apply to any broadcast, cable,
online digital or satellite transmission, nor any exhibition of the Film in which all viewers
and playback equipment are not in the same room or venue. Licensor acknowledges
that the Film may be exhibited before an audience to which an admission fee is being

3. SUBLICENSE. The Licensee named herein above shall not sublicense, sublease,
rent, sell, transfer, loan, or otherwise part with the possession of the Film, in any format
secured by the Licensee, to any third parties. Public exhibition rights are nontransferable.

5. RESERVATION OF RIGHTS. Legal title to the Film shall at all times remain with the
Licensor, and all rights therein are reserved to Licensor. The term “payment” as used
herein means specifically payment only for the right and license for the Licensee to use
the Film as specified herein above, without any change in ownership or title and
otherwise subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

6. ALTERATIONS. Licensee is not bound to exhibit the Film in its entirety and may
exhibit portions or excerpts of the Film as needed, but shall not duplicate, “burn”, cut,
edit, alter, digitize, compress, or “rip”, upload, the Film or otherwise tamper therewith,
and in no event shall the Film be exhibited without complete attribution.

7. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY. Licensor makes no warranties express or implied
whatsoever. Licensor shall have no other obligations, and licensee shall have no other
recourse other than that specifically stated in section 1 of this Agreement.
8. COMPLETE AGREEMENT. This Agreement sets forth the entire and complete
agreement and understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements
or understandings, written or unwritten. By acknowledging receipt of the Licensing Fee
Invoice, the Licensee acknowledges that it has read this contract, understood its terms,
and has voluntarily accepted its provisions

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The Licensee agrees that The Film "Magic Pills" shall be used only for a single screening as outlined in this agreement. *
The Licensee agrees that the The Film "Magic Pills" is their responsibility while in their possession and it shall not be duplicated, sold, lent, digitized, uploaded, transferred, or made available to any other party at any time or in any manner other than as provided for in this Agreement. *
The Licensee agrees to send back any physical copy of the film within 48 hours after the screening to Phosphorus Films. *
With respect to the License granted hereunder, it is expressly understood and acknowledge by the Licensee that any rights, title, or interest that the Licensor maintains with respect to The Film "Magic Pills" are expressly reserved by the Licensor. Host recognizes that by submission of payment, these terms and conditions are automatically accepted. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and any amendments, changes, or modifications shall have legal effect and be binding only if made in writing and signed by both parties *
Please return Film to
Magic Pills
c/o Riverdale Homeopathy
1331 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON M4J 1N1
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