Ultimate Chicago: Women's Sub List Sign Up
Thanks for your interest in the summer league sub list. This is a pilot program for Ultimate Chicago.

Please note that if you sign up for the sub list, we can cannot guarantee you will get playing time. We recommend that you sign up with a standard registration if you think you will be able to attend more than 50% of the games. Our intention with the sub list is to fill gaps when women who have signed up for the full league are unable to attend and to help teams to maintain gender ratios. The list will also provide additional playing opportunities to women who cannot commit to the full season of summer league.

Once you complete the survey, the sub list administrators will reach out with more detailed information on how the subbing process will work and how to pay for your spot on the list. Generally speaking, depending on need for subs, you may be contacted the week of games to confirm you are still available to sub and then will be assigned a team to sub on. Be prepared to respond quickly if administrators reach out to you to sub. We will do our best to rotate through the sub list based on availability to promote playing time throughout sub list participants.

Please fill out fields below with your contact information, league preference, and availability. If you have any questions, reach out to sublist@ultimatechicago.org.

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