St Peter's Parish Service Review
This form is to help us review the services in the Parish - on the paper version questions are on both sides of the paper!

Please respond honestly to each question from the perspective of wanting our Parish to be the best it can be to serve God and the community.
Please complete as many of these questions as you can, you may tick more than one answer where appropriate.

Only put your name on the form if you think it would be helpful.

Thank you

Alternatively you might like to complete the form by going to the Parish website and clicking on the link on the welcome page.

My age group is
I am
I have been attending one of the churches in the Parish
Which Service do you usually attend on a Sunday?
How regularly do you attend?
Please indicate how much you like each type of service
1 indicates'this isn't for me', 5 you are very likely to attend .
Have never attended
Formal communion 9.00am
Formal Morning Worship 9.00am
Informal Communion 10.45am
Informal Morning Worship 10.45am
Baptism Service
Altogether Worship
BCP Services 6.30pm
11am St Swithun's
Breathing Space
We should hold Baptisms/Thanksgivings
Please indicate on the scale which form/s of music you like to accompany worship
1 Being it doesn't aid your worship, 5 it helps your worship a lot
The Organ
Music Group
Backing tracks/CD
No music
This section is about Children and families
I could support Sunday Children's Work by
Messy Church
Messy Church takes place at St Swithun's once a month on a Saturday tea time and attracts a number of families that don't attend anything else in the Parish. Activities, worship,eating together and having fun as families are vitally important.
'Experience' Schools Weeks
From time to time we invite schools down during the week to 'Experience' part of the church year eg harvest, Pentecost. It runs over at least 3 days and needs preparation, setting up and leading small groups during the session.
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