The Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG) | Summer 2020 Volunteer Form
By filling out this form, you are expressing interest in volunteering with the Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG) during the Summer 2020 year.

To volunteer with SFPIRG, you need to attend a digital SFPIRG Volunteer Training Session. Upon completion of this form, you will receive an email within 10 business days with upcoming date options for these trainings and the next steps for volunteering.

Please note that all information will be kept confidential and secure. Thank you for taking the time to complete ALL sections of this form!
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SFPIRG is committed to making our space and events as accessible as possible for all bodies and minds. We encourage you to let us know of any access needs that you have or accommodations that would support you while volunteering. Please feel free to discuss your accessibility needs directly with us as well. *
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SFPIRG brings together people who have diverse interests and life experiences. To facilitate respectful engagement around social and environmental justice, successive groups of student Board Members have worked on continually updating our Organizational Values: These serve as a guide for the work of SFPIRG. People who become involved with SFPIRG in any capacity are asked to review these Values. IMPORTANT – You do NOT have to agree with (or even know what you think about) everything in these Values, but to volunteer with us, we DO ask that you agree to respect these Values whenever you are representing SFPIRG as a volunteer or engaging with people in our spaces, on our social media, or at our events. Have you fully read the Values, and can you agree to respect these Values while in our space, on our social media, at our events and while representing SFPIRG as a volunteer? *
Are you able to attend an SFPIRG Volunteer Training Session within the current semester? *
If yes, which days (Wednesday-Friday, 10:30am-3:30pm) work as options for a 1-hour Volunteer Training Session? *
Supports SFPIRG’s community outreach and engagement strategy, initiatives, and activities to promote core programs, services, and campaigns to the SFU community. Volunteers will assist in curating and drafting regular and ongoing content for SFPIRG's social media platforms.

Supports DisOrientation Week, an alternative orientation week of panels, workshops, and other events, and resources (a Guide) intended to connect SFU students and community members to critical analysis, insight and research about a range of social and environmental justice issues. Volunteers will assist in developing and organizing the DisOrientation Guide & Events.
Which Volunteer Teams are you interested in joining? Please refer to the above-noted volunteer descriptions of each of the options below. *
Are you involved in any Student Clubs, Student Unions, or other Student Societies on campus? *
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Have you been involved with any other social and/or environmental justice issues or organizations in the past? *
If yes, which one and in what capacity? *
During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, SFPIRG is striving to make all volunteer projects remote, and structured to be flexible with volunteers' schedules. Most volunteer work can be done remotely from home, at any time that works with your schedule! While most volunteer work can be done flexibly, we also want to make time for regular check-ins, to support you in your volunteer work.
Please check which days & time slots you are available for weekly/bi-weekly volunteer check-ins with SFPIRG.
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