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Thankyou for showing interest in taking part in Brown Paper Festival's Online Markets!
Please be sure to read the details and information about the event over at before you apply...

Fill in the form here and I will be in touch with you to let you know if your application has been successful or not!
Unfortunately there are limited spaces for each date so I'm really sorry if you don't get a place this time, I try my best to choose a varied selection of quality businesses so sometimes that means I can't accommodate everyone.
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Please be aware that only handmade businesses will be accepted.
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I'll use this to get in touch with you to let you know details about the day. If you have a different email address for your Paypal account please put that below as well labelled 'Paypal'.
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You are able to apply for all dates if you wish. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee you a space but if you apply for more than one you may well have a better chance at being allocated a date.
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This description will be used on the website on your business listing.
Please send me up to 10 images of your products to *
I may well use these in promotional posts and on the website.
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That could be to your website, social media or online shops ... pop as many as you have below and I'll pop over and have a browse!
If you would like to be included in the group chat please let me know your mobile number and I'll add you to the Whatsapp groups when they are started. *
The 2 day market group chats will be hosted on Whatsapp and the mini markets group chats will be hosted on Instagram. This is due to the fact that Instagram sets a limit of 32 people for group chats.
I will sort the businesses taking part in the main markets into categories on the website to make shopping easier for the customers. Please select the categories that you feel your business would fit into. *
If you wish to offer a discount please let me know below! Please include the discount/offer and the discount code if there is one. *
There is absolutely no pressure to offer an exclusive discount but if you wish to please pop it below. Also if you already offer something like Free Postage etc let me know that too. The code you use is completely up to you as well !
Final Question ... Would you like more information about Brown Paper Festival's Community Membership? *
More information will be emailed to you about the Facebook Membership and Group Zoom Call Membership. Members will also get a discount on market fees. There is no obligation to join ... I do recommend it but I'm biased !!
Thankyou for applying !! Don’t worry if you don’t get any confirmation that you’ve applied ... Your form will have gone through !
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