Y3 Pupil Survey
This is a completely confidential (we won't know how you answered) survey about how you use the internet and whether you use Social Media. Please answer honestly.
Are you.... *
Do you use the internet at home? *
About the devices you use at home (tick all that apply) *
Do you think you know what Social Media is? *
Do you have an account for any of the following (an account that you know how to sign in and out of). *
If the name of a social media platform that you use is not in the list, please write it below
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Do you have use of a parent/carers social media account?
How long do you spend on the internet at home? *
Of the time you spend on the internet at home, how much is spent on social media? *
Do you ever download apps without permission from your parent/carer? *
Have you ever said that you use social media, but actually you don't?
Would you be happy to share your Social Media posts with your parent/carer? *
On the whole, is your experience of Social Media... *
Would you like more help regarding a negative experience you have had using Social Media? *
Is there anything about your experience of using the internet and Social Media that you'd like to share with us?
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If you want us to know your name, and therefore how you answered this survey, write your name and class below. If you don't want us to know - leave it blank
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