Legal Food Frenzy - End of Campaign Form
Thank you for competing in the 9th Annual Legal Food Frenzy! Please fill this out by Friday, May 1st - this is to help the Food Bank with the logistics of your food donations AND to ensure you receive all of your bonus points. Email if you have any questions!
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Did you register by April 1st for the 100 Bonus Points? *
Did an individual or group from your firm or organization volunteer between February 1st and May 1st at your Food Bank for 100 Bonus Points? If so, what was the date of the volunteering? *
Did your firm/organization post on one of their social media platforms about the LFF? If so, please provide a link to one of the posts here.(You need to provide the link to receive the 100 Social Media Bonus Points!) *
Did a member of your leadership create a video promoting the LFF for the 500 bonus? If so, include the link here:
Did you refer a new team (firm, legal org, etc.) to the competition for 100 bonus points? If so, list the team. *
Were you referred to the competition by someone? If so, list the individual and their firm or organization name. *
Did either a partner, client, or somebody else provide matching funds towards your drive? *
If YES - please provide the dollar amount they matched, so we can recognize them!
If YES - please list their name, company name, address, and phone:
Will you be delivering all of your food and monetary donations to your Food Bank for a 25% BONUS? Donations must be delivered by May 5th. Online donations count as delivered. *
If you are having the Food Bank pick up donations, please specify what you are having them pick up (you will not be eligible for the 25% bonus). *
No matter the results, we are so grateful for your efforts! You will receive a digital thank you and printable Legal Food Frenzy certificate in PDF form by email once the results are tallied. If you would also like to receive a printed/physical copy of the thank you letter and certificate via mail, please indicate that below. *
Thank you for your support! We also want to hear from you! How did the drive go? Were there any resources you wish we had provided. Please provide any feedback here!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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