Bioneers 2019 Work Exchange Application
Thanks for your interest in the Bioneers 2019 Work Exchange Program! Work exchange members play a key role in creating an organized and pleasant environment for all Bioneers Conference attendees.

* Free admission to the conference
* Experience in working with a large group of committed individuals
* Take part in creating a positive experience for the presenters and participants

Application Process:
Please read ALL the details below before completing the application.

If you're selected for a work exchange position, you'll be emailed a link to pay your $40 processing fee. This way, you won't be charged unless you get a spot. You will not have to enter any payment information in order to apply, but you will need to pay the processing fee if you are selected.

Notification of Acceptance:
If you are a recipient of a 2019 work exchange position, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will include a link to pay your processing fee. You will not be awarded a position until the processing fee is paid. Call or email immediately if there is a problem. Please be patient, as you will be notified whether you are accepted or not.

You will receive your work assignment, day and shift via email after September 15. You will get an orientation onsite before your shift.

Waiting List:
If a position is not available for you at the time we receive your completed application form, your name will be added to our waiting list. You will be notified when you are placed on the waiting list.

If you're unable to attend or unable to fulfill your commitment, please contact us as early as possible. We are depending on you to fill a specific position. Please note that the processing fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.


To be considered as a candidate for work exchange, you must be available to work an eight-hour or nine-hour shift during the conference. (The setup/teardown shift is a longer shift, but means you get to attend the entire conference.)

Orientation & Training:
In some cases, you will attend an Orientation & Training Meeting prior to the conference via phone, skype or email. Your crew chief will be in touch with you to set this up. In most cases, you won't have an orientation before the conference, and will be trained onsite at the start of your shift.

A limited number of work exchange positions are available and they fill up very quickly. Assignment preferences are considered based first on your skills, and they are then determined based on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do our best to accommodate your assignment requests; however, because conference needs must be considered first, the fit may not be exact.

You will not be attending the conference keynotes or sessions while working.

Heavy Lifting:
You must be able to lift 25 lbs ** for all shifts. The Set up & Tear Down shift is very physically demanding, and you MUST be able to lift at least 35 lbs to be assigned to this shift. If you are unable to meet this requirement, please do not request this shift.

** If you have a physical disability, please indicate that on your application. We will have a limited number of assignments available to those with disabilities.


In return for your contribution of work, we are happy to waive your conference registration fee.

Housing costs are NOT provided by the Work Exchange Program.

Meals are NOT included in the work exchange program. You are responsible for your own meals at Bioneers. At this year’s conference, only the Bioneers Anniversary Celebration Dinner is available for advance purchase (if you are selected for a position, you'll have the option to purchase a ticket when you pay your processing fee). Lunch and dinner will be available from a la carte vendors on site, as well as the restaurant in the Embassy Suites hotel. You may also bring your own food. There are many restaurant options in the San Rafael area.

Processing Fee:
We require a $40 non-refundable processing fee from all work exchange applicants who are accepted for a position.
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